Home to the state Totem Pole, Bethany Beach is the perfect backdrop for your beach wedding. You will need to secure the Marriage License from the Georgetown Courthouse. Downfall is there are limited hotels in Bethany Beach. Resulting in many couples choose to rent a large beach house and walk to the beach from their home. The good news is homes are available to rent year-round. We recommend a beach wedding in April, May, September, or October. By doing so, allows you to save a lot of money for a home or hotel rental. Additionally, offseason months provide cooler temperatures and more privacy on the beach.

In order to have your beach wedding ceremony in Bethany Beach you must submit a request to the town manager. You must also follow all the regular beach rules and regulations. Bethany is a family-friendly beach and they love having weddings in their small town. There are several wonderful restaurants and wedding venues to have a reception.

Again, should you need some assistance with locating some great catering companies for having a reception in your home, we can give you some of our favorites.